Blogging Platforms

A pretty general title, but I’ve been putting some thought into it. It’s one of those projects I’d like to do at some point that isn’t now. I’ll call them scribbles.

So what I’m thinking is that while I like editing in Vim, it doesn’t quite suit me as a blogging environment. To be clear I suppose that text editors don’t suit me as blogging environments and I’d prefer to see what I’m doing as I’m doing it. Ghost is pretty nice, but I haven’t put much time into understanding its way of doing things, and having gotten into Jekyll and just pushing up to GitHub I think I’d miss the transparency of the approach.

I’d like something that can mix up a few bits and pieces, and since I think in trees, here’s a sketch:

It’s nice, and I appreciate that it’s readable in text editors if that’s what I want

Both the source and result should be flat so that hosting is easier

Having that instant feedback helps to avoid mistakes, it’s pretty easy to achieve this these days, without nasty hooks into the browser

I want to be able to stick some code in and have it highlighted, and not need some other service, even though GitHub’s gists are cool

Because why would you want to type any other way? ;)

I might code something up sometime, perhaps with a mixture of NodeJS, event sourcing and some other bits and pieces. Of course, it’s just as likely that I’ll end up getting used to using Vim & Jekyll as my environment and not waste any further time on it!